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Many customers like to know about the company and people behind the products they buy. Here we will tell you a little about ourselves and our company.

Our Business Philosophy

The objective of our business is to provide games that will make you fall out of your chair and go blind for our customers. We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site and playing our games as much as we labor over providing them for you.

Our Employees

Employees play an important role in any business. Here is where we get a chance to tell you a little about how we hate our jobs. We may talk about our families, interests, and what we do in our free time. We try to bring our hatred for this to you through our business and this web site. We may even provide a link to our personal web site to tell you more about ourselves.

Our Quadrio

This is where you can learn about our quadrio and its history. We have been interested in starting our own business for many days, and are excited to finally have reached that goal. Taking our games to the web makes the process even more exciting.


Here is a picture of an average Joe's house. Inside, an average Joe is playing our games on his computer. Note that the house is in your pc, and in turn, the average Joe's pc is in his house, and he sees his house in which he is on his pc etc.

A door frame; Size=240 pixels wide

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